Monday, December 2, 2013

New Magazine: mindful

"Mindful" is a new magazine about taking time for what matters and taking life to heart. It covers all aspects of life through many different sorts of articles, such as an inspiring story about Eileen Fisher, a clothing designer who brought her ideas and ideals into focus and became very successful --not only as she designs, but also in the way she runs her business.

Another article considers the impoverishment of attention, examining whether there is a lack of true feeling in people today due to constant attention to electronic devices. It discusses how a lack of "true inner focus" breaks our ability to be attuned to guiding values and real intuition, which is something to give some thought to.

It even has some great information on "Minding Your Money," taking into consideration the many factors that determine how we visualize money, what we do with it, and if and how we fear the absence of it. The article encourages us to "take the time to know your beliefs and values about money and make them matter."

"Mindful," the new magazine about taking time for what matters. Take some time to look it over.

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