Monday, October 7, 2013

Best in Kid's Music - Librarian Picks

Need some new beats for your kids? Here is a list of some of my all-time favorite kid CDs, all of which can be found at your library!

This is for classical music lovers who enjoy a bit (okay, A LOT) of silliness.

Sweet, beautiful, and energizing classical-styled music for babies.

A fun collection of mostly classic kid songs and ditties, but done in an original way; each song is unique and diverse in genre. For example, there's a donkey song done in a Zydeco musical style, a peas fingerplay done in a Rap style and with a panflute! So fun! Each color has a different group of songs.

Terrific folk acoustic music for the youngers. Sweetly done!

Classic funny music for kids, with full band for extra toe-tapping effect! (My children grew up with these songs and still fondly sing them word for word.) A Recording Industry Association of America Gold album.

Who doesn’t love Laurie and the great connection her guitar makes with kids every where, in every way. Your kids will love pretending they are goldfish that shower and ride bikes!

A modern take on some old Muppet classics by some current rock and alternative rock bands. 
If you like oldies and full orchestra, you’ll love John Lithgow’s zany take on these entertaining songs.

This is happy music full of banjos and fiddles and lyrics about being in the great outdoors. A great antidote to the high tech world we’re in today.

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