Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keeping Your Check Out and Hold History

Do you remember if you've read Grapes of Wrath?  What about Clive Cussler's 3rd book? 
Now, you can keep track!  Follow these simple instructions to start now:

Log in to your library online account.  Go to the Account Preferences tab and then the Search Preferences tab.  You can choose several things in this area: 

      • how many items to appear on a page when searching
      • which library to be your search library  
      • which library to be your pick up location
      • if you would like to keep a history of your items checked out 
      • whether to keep a list of your items on hold

 Check mark one or both of the last two boxes and hit SAVE.

Your history will not appear today, but now that you’ve selected to keep the history, it will start accumulating a record of them from now on. You can then click on the ITEMS CHECKED OUT tab and choose the Check Out History tab.  The HOLDS tab will allow you to see your Holds History.   

This will be a great tool to keep track of your reading!  Have fun!


  1. Thank you! I've been wondering why my history is blank. Now I guess it will start filling up!!

  2. We're glad to help! Stay tuned for more helpful tips on using your online account.


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