Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh, My Aching Back!


Eighty-five percent of Americans have suffered from lower-back pain at one time or another. Right now, eight million Americans have lower-back pain. Muscle and joint complaints have surpassed the common cold as the leading reason for doctor visits. Even for those who have not sought medical attention, nonprescription pain relievers are a billion-dollar industry.

Our first inclination when we have back pain is to stay in bed. Recently we have found that this is opposite to what we should do. New science says that “motion is lotion” where our spine is concerned. Movement pumps fluid into the discs that cushion the vertebrae, enabling them to act as shock absorbers. Taking a brief rest is understandable, a day or two off your feet is now the standard recommendation. But any longer than that can lead you to disuse, and because that can lead to weakening of the muscles it can lead to a real disability.

Your library has books and DVDs to help you move safely. One of our DVDs is "Back in Shape". It is performed by a yoga instructor who shares exercises that helped her come back from an auto accident.

Another DVD is "Save Your Lower Back" by Annette Fletcher. Annette is a Pilates instructor, she will help you strengthen the muscles that will keep your spine in proper alignment.

We also have a book that includes a DVD called "15 Minute Better Back Workout". The author is a physical therapist. She explains what exercises to perform to strengthen your back, reduce pain and avoid future problems.

Please remember: Your library is an information resource, and we strive to make that information as accurate as possible.  Please see your doctor if you need medical advice.

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