Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review of "Grace + Gusto" Exercise DVD

I have to begin this review with a disclaimer: I am a fan of Ellen Barrett.  I think she is a real innovator in what I would call fluid body movement.  It’s not really dance, Pilates or yoga, but a unique blend of each discipline.
Grace + Gusto is a 45 minute DVD, it starts with an 8 minute warm-up, and flows into a 32 minute session of standing movement.  It then goes into a four minute floor session, and ends with a cool down. 
If you want a workout that gets your heart pumping and the sweat flowing, then this is not for you.  If you want a workout that gets you moving without being too strenuous, then you will enjoy the time you spend with this DVD. 
Ellen and her students perform this class barefoot.  This allows you to get a full range of motion through the foot.  She is a very clear instructor, and the movements are not complicated.  You can tell that she is enjoying the exercise, but she doesn’t “whoop”, or make unnecessary comments.
During the standing portion, arm work is sprinkled throughout.  She will do arm circles at shoulder height, and pulse the arms behind the back.  There’s also some unique whole body moves, one is called the “tick tock”, and there’s also the figure 8 flourish.  You’ll have to do the workout to know what these moves are like. 
The “live” of “Ellen Barrett Live” does not mean that the DVD is shot in front of an audience.  It does mean that Ellen and her participants shoot the video without stopping, just as she would do if you attended one of her classes. 
We’d like your opinion on this DVD.  If you love it, let us know.  If you don’t, tell us why.

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