Friday, February 17, 2012

A favorite Library landmark has sprung a leak!

A puddle was pooling beneath our beloved fish tank, the carpet was wet, the fish were on edge they didn’t even want to eat—something absolutely had to be done!

Jon Mears with A Beautiful Aquarium came to the rescue. It was a difficult job, but it was really fun to watch. Here is what happened…

He took the fish out of the tank and put them in temporary holding bins with about 25% of their original water and air pumps so that the fish had enough oxygen.

The fish did NOT love their temporary housing. It was a bit dark and cramped for their taste, and the entrance to the youth department was blocked so they didn’t even get to see any kids enter the library, which is always the highlight of their day.

Then Mr. Mears had to drain all of the water out of our aquarium so that he could redo the plumbing, which was hiding underneath.

After he put in all new plumbing, it was time to fill the tank again!

It sounds like it was pretty easy to fix the big leaking tank, but the work was long and tedious, it took all day!

The fish are glad to be in their home again. Their home is a little bubbly and the fish are a wee bit confused, but I am sure all will be well on the fish front, and the Library is glad that the leak is gone!

On a side note, if you want to read a funny book about a leak, try Eloise takes a Bawth by Kay Thompson. It is long, but very funny!

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