Monday, August 29, 2011

Cool World Cooking for Kids

As I passed by the new non-fiction shelf I kept noticing a new cooking series called Cool World Cooking. The cover of Cool African Cooking looked absolutely delicious! After about the tenth time eyeing it, I decided I should just take the book home and try out the recipe because Librarians shouldn’t be drooling over library books all day! I made the Juicy Jollof Rice. While I can never remember the name, I do remember the first bite I took, it was amazing!

I own quite a few children’s cookbooks and most of the recipes have basic ingredients and avoid uncooked meat as well as using the stove. This series is very unique because the recipes are cultural and do not shy away from foods that kids may not have tried before. The recipe I used also involved cooking raw chicken. In general, I think the recipe that I made was very challenging for me, let alone a child. I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable letting a child cook Juicy Jollof Rice without adult supervision and help, but working together to create this cultural treat would make a very engaging cooking lesson.

I was very impressed with the recipe that I made in this series and I am looking forward to trying “Amazing Mexican Rice” from Cool Mexican Cooking. If you want to try recipes from around the world, I would definitely check out Cool World Cooking!

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